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 LaRO Guild Package

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PostSubject: LaRO Guild Package   Mon Nov 04, 2013 4:57 am

LaRO Guild Package

LaRO Philippines offers a guild package to encourage more guilds to come up and
also to serve as a good starter kit for new guilds that join here. This also means
that existing players can form a guild together and apply or just join a guild. In order
to receive the package, a guild must pass the admin approval to make sure players does not
abuse this system.

Each member of the guild will receive the following items:
1 Big Bun Box(500)
1 Pill Box(500)
200 +20 Stat Foods [Each Stat]
5pcs +7 Armor Refine Deed
1pcs +7 Weapon Refine Deed


  1. Guild must have a minimum of at least 10 members.
  2. Guild must have their own official facebook group.
  3. Guild Leader and Members must be on their facebook group.
  4. Guild leader must post a thread in forum with the following:

    Title: <Guild Name>
    Brief/Introduction about your guild:
    Guild Leader:
    Guild Emblem: (optional)
    Guild Member(s): <IGN> <Job Class>
    Guild Facebook:

  5. Notify the GM Staff when you complete all the requirements.

Additional Rules:

  • In order to prevent people from guild hoping and claiming packages over and over,
    you can only get the bonuses one time.
  • If we deem you to be abusing this system, you will be banned.

For more information send a private message in our facebook page.
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LaRO Guild Package
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