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 Patch Notes[09-15-2014]

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PostSubject: Patch Notes[09-15-2014]   Mon Sep 15, 2014 2:55 am

***News and Updates as of September 15, 2014***

  • New: Costume Quest - Helm of God, Shining Dagger, Elf King Ears and Elf Queen Ears.
  • Fixed: Potential server crash with some skills.
  • Fixed: Fire Expansion - Acid Demonstration, Varetyr Spear, Counter Slash, and Taekwon Kicks formulas.
  • Fixed: Some potential issues with attack calculations.
  • Fixed: Weapon attack element bonus.

Do not forget to patch your clients. Please report any bugs/error you encounter.

uBER Donation Blow Out this Ber Month!

Duration: September 15, 2014 - September 19, 2014 ONLY!!!

***Donate Php 1,000***
20 Geffen Scroll
HD Elunium 5 Box
HD Oridecon 5 Box
Blessed Oridecon Box
Blessed Elunium Box

***Donate Php 2,000***
40 Geffen Scroll
2 HD Elunium (10) Box
2 HD Oridecon (10) Box
2 Blessed Oridecon Box
2 Blessed Elunium Box

***Donate Php 3,000***
60 Geffen Scroll
1 HD Carnium (10) Box
1 HD Bradium (10) Box
2 HD Elunium (10) Box
2 HD Oridcon (10) Box
3 Blessed Oridecon Box
3 Blessed Elunium Box

***Donate Php 4,000***
80 Geffen Scroll
1 HD Carnium (10) Box
1 HD Bradium (10) Box
3 HD Elunium (10) Box
3 HD Oridcon (10) Box
4 Blessed Oridecon Box
4 Blessed Elunium Box

***Donate Php 5,000***
100 Geffen Scroll
2 HD Carnium (10) Box
2 HD Bradium (10) Box
3 HD Elunium (10) Box
3 HD Oridcon (10) Box
5 Blessed Oridecon Box
5 Blessed Elunium Box

***Donate Php 10,000***
150 Geffen Scroll
5 HD Carnium (10) Box
5 HD Bradium (10) Box
5 HD Elunium (10) Box
5 HD Oridcon (10) Box
10 Blessed Oridecon Box
10 Blessed Elunium Box

We are truly grateful for those who are committed and dedicated in supporting our server. As a token of our appreciation for your support,
we are giving out a Fallen Bishop Card when you donate Php 10,000 via Western Union(or any Money Transfer) for this duration only.

Additional freebies will apply. Check additional freebies here:

Get additional "Lighthalzen Aura" for every Php 5,000 single donation via PayPal.

Get additional "Poker Card in Mouth [1]" for every Php 10,000 single donation via PayPal.

Thank you for supporting LaRO!

Note: Donating is NOT mandatory and is just optional. Meaning we are NOT demanding players to donate and we only accept donations when giving from your own free will.

Like and share our server. Enjoy!

Thank you for supporting our server!
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Patch Notes[09-15-2014]
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