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 Father's Day Donation Promo

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PostSubject: Father's Day Donation Promo   Fri Jun 13, 2014 3:12 pm

LaRO Father's Day Donation Promo!

Duration June 13, 2014 until June 15, 2014.

Get the an additional freebies for every single donation listed below. Visit and click on our donation page to check what are the freebies for certain donation amount.

Donations Php 1,000 and above comes with LaRO Premium Ticket.

Php 1,000
2 Blessed Elunium Box
2 Blessed Oridecon Box
1 Auger Of Spirit Box

Php 2,000
4 Blessed Elunium Box
4 Blessed Oridecon Box
Robo Eye [1] or Angel Spirit [1]

Php 3,000
6 Blessed Elunium Box
6 Blessed Oridecon Box
Robo Eye [1]
Angel Spirit [1]

Php 4,000
8 Blessed Elunium Box
8 Blessed Oridecon Box
Black Devil's Mask [1]

Php 5,000
10 Blessed Elunium Box
10 Blessed Oridecon Box
Black Devil's Mask [1]
Animated Wing
Neo Meginjard
Neo Brisingamen
Neo Mjolnir
Neo Asprika
Neo Sleipnir

Aside from this freebies, you can also get a Poker Card in Mouth [1] for every single donation of Php 5,000 via PayPal

Note: Donating is NOT mandatory and is just optional. Meaning we are NOT demanding players to donate and we only accept donations when giving from your own free will.
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Father's Day Donation Promo
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